Air Piping

Parker Hannifin group is a “Fortune 500” company offering over 40000 products in low/high pressure pneumatic and hydraulic applications , fluid , filtration , automation , climate control and other areas. Legris has merged with Parker group enriching company’s product base in pneumatic controls and fittings. Some of the commonly used products under our scope of business are –


Can be disconnected,Reusable, immediate sea.l Components guaranteed for 10 years.

Higly resistant to: corrosion, aggressive environments, mechanical shocks, temperature change, U.VLightweight

Parker Legris designs, develops and manufactures connection solutions that enhance its customers' productivity and profitability.

Air Supplies stocks many high quality pneumatic fittings and accessories for air compressors manufactured by Parker Legris. For those unfamiliar with the name, Parker Legris – now a global provider of reliable products for air, water, oil, foodstuffs or chemical circuits including fittings, valves, tubes, piping, ball valves, couplers and blow-guns – began life as a small factory in France which merely produced valves, way back in 1848. In 1969, Parker Legris invented the world’s first push-in fitting, revolutionizing and simplifying any task which required the leak-proof connection of pipe work. As a result of continued growth and commercial success the company created an arm called Transair which specializes in “intelligent compressed air systems”.

In the last decade, Parker Legris has gained a presence in thirty-five countries around the world, employing a workforce of 2,000 employees. Today, Parker Legris manufactures a vast range of high-quality air compressor joints, components and accessories to the same high standards of reliability and durability that have ensured the company’s ongoing success for more than 160 years.


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