Air Receivers

Air Receivers


Technical Specification


Arrangements: vertical/horizontal
Volume: 90 to 10,000 litres,
other sizes on request.


Air receiver


Comprehensive selection
Whether 90 or 10,000 litres, 11, 16, 45 or 50 bar, all KAESER compressed air receivers are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure exceptional safety and durability. You only get genuine KAESER quality with genuine KAESER air receivers. Moreover, they are exceptionally corrosion resistant and guarantee perfect sealing. This is due to a combination of the precision thread finishing process that takes place following galvanisation, and the extensive protection measures that are taken during transportation.


Lange Prüfintervalle    Inspection intervals up to five years
Meticulous design in accordance with AD 2000 regulations enables 5-year inspection cycles. This not only reduces inspection costs, but also increases compressed air efficiency and availability.
Dreimal längere Lebensdauer    Optimal corrosion resistance
All KAESER air receivers are hot-dip galvanised both internally and externally in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1461, which means they last approximately 3 times longer than conventional models.
Wartungsöffnung    Excellent maintenance access
Cleaning, maintenance and receiver inspection tasks are made simple thanks to generously sized access openings. Efficiency is further enhanced as a result
Gewinde    Installation-ready
The threads on all KAESER air receivers are precision finished directly after the galvanisation process to enable quick, reliable installation.