Air-main charging systems

Air-main charging systems DHS


Technical specification


Connection up to DN 400

Air-main charging systems are important 
Air-main charging systems are essential for any application that requires a reliable source of consistent quality compressed air. They eliminate the sudden surge of compressed air that occurs when compressors are restarted after a period of downtime and therefore safeguard optimum performance of air treatment equipment. 



Two operating modes 
Depending on the priority and configuration of the compressed air station, operators of electronic DHS air-main charging systems can choose from two operating modes: Operating Mode I ensures reliable compressed air quality for stations with multiple treatment packages. whilst Operating Mode II ensures reliable compressed air supply following restart of systems equipped with a single treatment package.

Newly developed control unit 
The heart of each DHS air-main charging system is the electronic control unit. It has been redesigned from the ground up and has been optimised both electronically and pneumatically to fulfil its demanding tasks. The pressure sensor, display and control algorithm (based on pulse width modulation) are designed to communicate with master control systems. The pressure measurement sensor integrated in the DHS enables unprecedented compressed air system integration.

DHS speaks your language 
Kaeser DHS systems are designed with maximum user-friendliness and dependability in mind. Every DHS can be intuitively adapted to all applications via the display – in 25 languages. The system also allows at-a-glance operation status checks and makes the saving of parameters simple.